Rotate, move and unfold: This Smart Watch moves

Once again it is about displays, or rather about how to expand them. Because a visual interface alone is incredibly dull. Like smart watches – a small mini-screen on the wrist, na Happy Birthday. Researchers at Dartmouth College and the University of Waterloo seem to share my opinion because they have developed the prototype of a SmartWatch that communicates with the user at a further interaction level.

Their main feature is the movement. The Wearable named Cito, thanks to several small motors, has the ability to rotate, slide or angle the display. The research team is of the opinion that most of the smart watches on the market are primarily concerned with how users can enter information more easily. However, your device is designed to display data to the carrier. For example, the movement aspect.

This is used when, for example, the clock is turned away from the user. Then the display simply moves around the wrist around the wrist, in order to be able to “look” the wearer back into the face. When a message is displayed, the display is angled or protrudes independently from the sleeve. Rotating the screen by 45 degrees means that the user is receiving a call. In the video you can see some more applications.

As we see, there are many patterns of movement, all of which can be used for a particular purpose. Especially nice is the way of navigating the Cito Watch, because in this case, the display rotates in the appropriate direction in which the user should go. All these movements can occur either independently or together.


Nsumers wants to ask the need for smartwatches. Cito proves the true potential of smartwatches and shows that they are functional and fun. Xing-Dong Yang, professor of computer science in Dartmouth

In the development of the prototype, the researchers conducted two separate studies to find out the usefulness, social acceptance, and the resulting comfort of different movement patterns. The Cito Watch is well received and the team is working to make the device more user-friendly (of course, with such a battery pack on the arm, of course, no one wants to run around), to even bring it to the market.

I find the current prototype and the concept behind it super interesting and hopefully, that there is such a watch with motion patterns to buy soon. Probably I would then even one of these wearables increase.



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