2016 vs. 2017: How is the mobile phone market changing?

2016 vs. 2017: How is the mobile phone market changing?

The mobile phone market is changing ? It is to this question that sought to answer SosTariffe  with his analysis, which compares prices, minutes, SMS and data traffic in 2016 with those of 2017.

In recent months there have been some important events, and we have already begun to see the “early” results; the most important change was undoubtedly the  merger between Wind and Tre , an event which resulted in a series of “chain reactions”, including the purchase of the frequencies freed by Iliad , which will bring a new player in the next in Italy months (the brand Free Mobile will not be used in Italy).

With the imminent arrival of Iliad, TIM has decided to launch Kena Mobile , a new virtual operator low cost, and even Vodafone seems to have these intentions with VEI . In addition, some other virtual mobile operators such as Poste Mobile and Mobile Tiscali, recently moved to the 4G network, thus eliminating a major obstacle, and there is already talk of the implementation of the 5G network.

In short, the changes there have been in recent months, but this may have an impact on prices and packages offered by operators? As reported by SosTariffe would seem so, yes: compared to 2016, so this year there has been a decrease in the amount of SMS offered ( -35% ), but there have been increases in minutes ( + 15% ) and traffic data ( + 68% ), with a slight decline of prices ( -1.5% ).

The average price is still around 12 euro, SMS decreased from 709 to 458 and the minutes go up from 958 to 1,105, but the biggest “boost” is found in the data traffic, which rose from an average of 3 GB to 5 GB. This may include consideration of virtual operators, while excluding them the data are even more “interesting”: + 74% of data traffic (from 3.5 GB to 6 GB), minutes from 1239 to 1309, SMS almost halved (from 712 to 364 ) and increased prices by almost one euro (from 10,79 to 11,61 Euros).

Taking though a comparison with what is offered by Free Mobile in France , our operators do not make a big “figure”:

  • price : the total of the Italian market prices above 22% (18% counting only the principal)
  • minutes : in Italy will offer up to 41% less minutes than Free Mobile
  • SMS : here the figures become more important, with Iliad offering over 8 times the amount proposed by our operators SMS
  • Data traffic : here the comparison is even merciless, since Free Mobile provides on average an amount more than 9 times higher than GB.

Iliad will be able to offer all this in our country? We’ll know in just a few months: the debut is expected for the first months of 2018.




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