Niantic closes Pokémon GO’s gym: Big Upgrade Upcoming

It seems that the highly anticipated upgrade of Pokémon GO is really at the door and can be released in the next few hours. Niantic developer is in fact sending an in-app notification alerting players that shortly the gyms will be temporarily closed for restructuring.

Closing the gyms will result in the return of all the Pokémon present at their respective owners without any consequence for the players. Notice will allow players to collect any accumulated defense bonuses without losing them.

A spokeswoman for Niantic also said that more information will be released on the company’s social networking sites, so it is advisable to keep up-to-date on the exact closing date of the gyms. The update should cover both gyms, which should be completely redesigned, and the multiplayer aspect of the game that should be enriched with a cooperative mode that should introduce new mechanics into a game that has not brought much new stuff for a long time.

Although there are no specific dates, the upgrade is likely to be around the corner, so keep up with it to know exactly when Pokémon GO will look back and find out all the latest news with us.
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