LEGO launches LEGO Boost, bricks to teach young people to code

We had heard at the last CES in Las Vegas, but we now know a little more about LEGO Boost. Or how to learn the code having fun.

LEGO will summarize more than stacking bricks. The Danish company is preparing to release the Boost LEGO kit, designed to discover computer programming to children from seven.

Compound of bricks 843, a motor and three sensors each for the position, distance or color, “Creative Toolbox” is used to assemble five different models. It will then download a dedicated application on iOS and Android to animate by setting their behavior. What also interested parents.

As often with LEGO, the price is still quite high. It will spend 160 euros to get the kit in question. Pre-orders are already available and the first “Toolbox” should arrive in late July in the United States. Europe should follow a few weeks later. Indeed, the French site indicates availability early August.

A thoughtful initiative

If LEGO has not quite invented the concept that the brand can only appreciate if enthusiasm for this type of edutainment solutions clearly oriented programming.

This also shows the importance of this notion, still widely unknown there twenty years, took in the learning process of young people. It would not be surprising to see the school to seize the thing in the coming years. And that’s good.



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