Vodafone: Short-term disorder over noon

Vodafone disturbance over lunch – Vodafone customers who had at noon problems in telephony or mobile data usage were possibly victims of a short-term disruption in the network. This should have been, however, already been fixed again.

Vodafone disturbance over lunch

Around noon, occurred in some regions of Germany, a temporary disturbance in the Vodafone network. The messages on the fault portal allestörungen.de shot 11:00 to 12:00 in the air, affected customers complained problems in telephony and the use of mobile data connections in some cases.

As Vodafone announced over inside-handy.de arose between 11:48 and 11:55 to restrictions. Chance had LTE stations left the service in Munich and Dresden between 11:51 and 12:57. Affected by the outages apparently not only Vodafone customers, but also customers of other providers who operate on the Vodafone network, about 1 & 1 and mobilcom-debitel were.

Vodafone fault already remedied

The information provided by the problems have already been solved and taken the unusual base stations back online. Vodafone customers should be able to use their tariffs according to the company, again without restriction.

Nor the fault reports but do not stop on allestörungen.de and are still (as of 14:15) in the thousands. Apparently, the smart phones of numerous interested parties show currently “No Net”.



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