Cubot join in Aliexpress Midyear promotion, snap up now!

Time goes fast, it has come to the mid of 2017. In order to thank the all customers for a long time supporting  Cubot, it begin to have big promotion of the official store on Aliexpress. some models will have big discount.
There are three products shown, Cubot Dinosaur, Cubot Note S, Cubot Echo:
Cubot Dinosaur
Original Price: $116.71      Discount: 15%OFF         Current Price: $ 99.2
Cubot Note S
Original Price: 88.88 USD    Discount: 15% OFF        Current Price: 75.55
Cubot Echo
Original Price: 91.48USD     Discount: 15% OFF      Current Price: 77.76USD
The three devices are priced reasonable, join to snap it now in this period : 2017.06.16 – 2017.06.23


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