Freenet TV DVB-T2 Offer: DVB-T2 4 months free

Freenet TV DVB-T2 – As of March 29, starting the shutdown of DTT and the successor DVB-T2 HD enabled for terrestrial television. Who wants to continue to pursue all programs on terrestrial television, an offer of Freenet TV must use.

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Freenet TV 4 month free

Updated on 15/06/2017 By June 30, Freenet TV offers its new customers to a special offer on an action page. Customers receive Freenet TV 4 month free and payable from the fifth month 5.75 euros per month. The offer also includes a Samsung DVB-T2 receiver for one-off 49,95 EUR instead of the normal 99 euros. Customers do not need a DVB-T2 receiver, can opt for an offer with 3 free months optional.

Freeview shutdown on March 29,

Updated on 3/29/2017 The shutdown of DVB-T has begun in many regions on March 29. The DVB-T2 is only possible with a corresponding DVB-T2 receiver. The transmission of private TV channels in the disconnected regions takes place exclusively via the offer of Freenet TV. The public broadcasters stations can continue to be received for free without Freenet TV contract.

Freenet TV DVB-T2 to 31.07. free

Updated on 18.02.2017 In cooperation with computer image Freenet TV offers from 18 February 2017 Special Special offer for DVB-T2 new customers. Customers who order the offer on the action page, Freenet TV receive free until 31/07/2017. The regular Freenet TV service provides a free DVB-T2 use only until 30.6.2017. All customers who order the offer by April 30, 2017 will receive a free Freenet TV at least 4 months (instead of 3 months).

In addition, new customers have the option to purchase a freenet TV Bundle incl. Samsung receiver (GX-MB 540 TL) for only 5,75 Euro per month. The one-time price for the Samsung receiver is only 49.95 euros. In idealo the cheapest price is for the receiver at around 90 euros. Customers who book Freenet TV in February, received Freenet TV more than 5 months free. The offer without receivers cost from August 1, 2017 also 5.75 per month.

For Freenet TV DVB-T2 offer

Freenet TV offering 29.3. DVB-T2 HD

As of March 29, 2017 DVB-T2 takes off as the successor of DVB-T. From this point on DVB-T is switched off in the first regions and left black TV antenna signal and a DVB-T receiver. Only new receiver with a DVB-T2 logo can support the new antenna signal. While the public broadcasters programs continue to receive free TV with a new DVB-T2 receiver, the reception is private TV station from the shutdown only possible with a Freenet TV contract. The annual fee for the private TV channels via DVB-T2 is 69 euros (per month. 5.75 euro). Only devices with a DVB-T2 HD logo and freenet TV logo can decode DVB-T2 and the private channels.

Private TV-Sender:
RTL HD, ProSieben HD, Sat1 HD, Vox HD, RTL II HD, SuperRTL HD, n-tv HD, sixx HD, 7MAX HD, Sat1 Gold HD, RTLNitro HD, Kabel 1 HD, DMax HD, Eurosport 1 HD und HD.

Öffentlich Rechtliche TV-Sender:
ARD HD, ZDF HD, arte HD, phoenix HD, 3sat HD, KIKA HD, one HD, tagesschau24 HD, zdf_neo HD, zdfinfo HD sowie je nach Region BR HD, hr HD, mdr HD, NDR HD, HD radiobremen, rbb HD, SR HD, SWR HD, WDR HD und aphha.

DVB-T2 Check availability

Before the transition to DVB-T2, and the acquisition of Freenet TV, it is recommended that the availability of DVB-T2 to consider. The information page also offers a free reception check, which checks the availability of public broadcasters programs and the private broadcasters over Freenet TV.

The distribution of DVB-T2 will further be expanded in the coming months. In the regions where no public broadcasters still can receive programs via DVB-T2 (white areas), DVB-T reception is initially retained. To receive private TV channels in these regions, it is recommended that a Sky offer via satellite or cable to book.

Sky coverage with DVB-T2?

Sky prospects who previously have no cable or satellite channels, will ask the question whether this can receive DVB-T2 also sky. Unfortunately, the answer is for the time being no. but is rumored to be negotiations that DVB-T2 should at least allow the transmission of Sky ticket contents.




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