IPhone: Apple plans an iTunes for health data

iPhone: Apple plant ein iTunes für Gesundheitsdaten

The iPhone is to become a data platform for patient information. According to a CNBC report, the iPhone company plans to bundle comprehensive health data – such as test results and laboratory tests – in a cloud application. A connected online service is to enable the data exchange with doctors.

Apple expands healthcare issues

According to CNBC, Apple is preparing the next step of the in-house health campaign, which goes far beyond what is currently possible via the iOS frameworks HealthKit as well as CareKit and ResearchKit.

A secret team from Apple’s health department has been talking to developers, hospitals and healthcare organizations for a long time to discuss the possibility of bringing clinical data to the iPhone. Users can view the stored information at any time and, if required, make it available to doctors and hospitals via the cloud.

In the segment of cloud hosting, Apple is increasingly looking for companies with whose technology the company can implement a corresponding health cloud. The purchase of the Gliimpse Health Startup, which specializes in the creation and sharing of health data, has already been an important step in the direction of the health sector in the last year.

ITunes for health information

According to CNBC, Apple is about to develop a kind of iTunes for health information. ITunes was originally intended to summarize, sort and display the mostly highly fragmented music data of the user – consisting of CDs and MP3s – under one interface. The planned health database of the iPhones is to do the same.

While medical documents are often still available in paper form or are exchanged via e-mail in a wide variety of file formats, Apple’s initiative is to provide a cloud solution as a central point of entry for all patient health data. Users should always have control over who can access what areas of the records. For example, individual findings could be forwarded online to any physician or hospital.

Apple has also committed several experts to FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) in recent years to drive the health cloud forward. FHIR is a standard for electronic data exchange in healthcare.

Blood glucose measurement via Apple Watch

Also in the hardware area, Apple is relying on health innovations. In addition to the software ambitions, the company is researching a new measurement method for the blood glucose level of diabetics. The aim is to continuously determine the glucose values via non-invasive sensors. The upcoming Apple Watch is a candidate for appropriate blood glucose sensors.



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