From today, no more roaming charges

Roaming German TelekomAs of today, no roaming charges – The June 15, 2017 is the deadline for the abolition of roaming charges. From now on no charges are incurred for using mobile phones abroad.

As of today, no more roaming charges

In recent days, the providers informed their customers about the abolition of roaming fees and provided a variety of information and explanations provided. The agreement several months ago decision, which states that roaming charges are abolished, is reacted final June 15 2017th As of now, no additional charges are incurred more for mobile communications in Europe.

The system is described with the slogan “Roam like at Home” and says that in force in Germany or in a EU country tariffs may also be used in other European countries, apply and without additional service fees. That means: Customers who use a flat rate in Germany, they can now use while on holiday in Spain or Italy. This applies to both voice and SMS Flats as well as for data Flats.

Similarly, customers can use a collective in which every minute and SMS is charged to communicate to the German prices abroad. The previously valid premiums may no longer be applicable.

Roaming charges are history

Which is positive for customers, has met with some providers to displeasure. They fear higher costs due to the toll-free foreign usage and sometimes use legal ways to circumvent the abolition of roaming charges. These include rates, where foreign activation is explicitly not intended or special roaming options.

We have reported in recent days about the tricks of the provider. Among other things, the Agency informed of the exclusion rules that apply when new roaming law. Also in the party, including Drillisch, congstar and Sparhandy, you can find information about how the EU regulation is implemented and what pitfalls are noted there.



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