Password 2017, speed up services

Password in 2017, speed up services

“We are not grown through acquisitions, but always focusing on our partners.” He says Stefano Franceschini, founder and president of Passepartout , concluding his speech during Passwor [l] d in 2017 , the annual event dedicated to the channel of the software company in San Marino, held in Riccione (4 to 5 May). Franceschini’s words sum up in one sentence is the true essence of the company, which for nearly three decades grows relying on its own strength, is the irreplaceable role of the partners. In fact, the more than 350 registered for the event, after illustrating the company’s growth in 2016, which was higher than three per cent in all sectors of activity, Stefano Franceschini stressed the importance of cohesion and ecosystem , explaining that the company wants to “become with partners” something cohesive “, gathered around the brand Passepartout which is not only a brand, but is a perception that goes beyond the brand, product, services and people, to refer to a set of characteristics and expectations for Mats from customers. ” But not only the Riccione event was also an opportunity to press the accelerator of new services, aimed to commit even more partners to engage customers on a variety of aspects, such as the creation of websites or web marketing services, but also on specialized courses or on ad hoc workshops. It is therefore not by chance if Barbara Reffi, CEO of Passepartout , illustrating the news, he also highlighted the change in the payoff of the company, which now reads “Software and management services” to better defining the vocation, long specialized in the field of business applications dedicated to the world of small and medium-sized businesses, accountants and HoReCa sector.

More and more services

More specifically, the new services announced further develop the capacity that the company has already realize for others showcase sites and e-commerce sites, fully integrated to the management Passepartout used and developed from a preset template, or on the basis specific customer needs. Apart from the development of the site, Mat also offers a wide range of web marketing services to improve customers’ online visibility, moving from optimization on search engines to web advertising services on social networks or Google. Even for this, Mats has opened a new department with specific expertise in search engine optimization activities (SEO), advertising campaigns on Google through Google Adwords and Google Shopping, advertising campaigns on social networks and e-mail marketing to loyalty user. In this way,, the online marketplace for Passepartout, becomes the ideal platform for distribution, not only of PassApp and utility, but also websites and web marketing services for the promotion and positioning of site on the web.

A positive balance

And speaking of PassStore, the exchange area B2B for the collection, categorization and sharing of enterprise applications available in the ecosystem of Passepartout, launched last year, the 2017 edition of Passwor [l] d has made the ‘opportunity to make an initial assessment, about 43 apps published and available on the store, about 800 apps downloaded so far and many partners constantly contributing to the project. The company has also made it clear that “the most successful app is definitely one linked to the order collection activities on smartphones and tablets, available for Android, but soon even on iOS, while high approval and expected, given the current was released only in beta, the app is collecting Customer care, which allows the management of negotiations and assistance after sales. The app for the anti-money management stabilized at the first place for number of installations, especially among professionals who use the software for accountants PassCom. In work it is finally the app Financial Analysis Customers, with reports based on the classification of customer rating and the “health” of the credit business. ”

Also new:

Other news announced the event in Riccione ultimately concern the retail and the HoReCa sector, ie the catering and accommodation facilities. In the first area, to retail, the management for shops, organized franchising and distribution, will be available after the summer, the new app Retail MySelf for mobile commerce: downloadable through Apple Store and Google Play, and has a graphical user interface last generation, the app will enable the customers of the store to take advantage of a variety of innovative services. In addition, to secure their mobile payment transactions will be issued after the summer also the new 3D Secure Card module for the safe management of payments by credit card, designed in collaboration with Cartasì. This new module will be made available for Mobile and MySelf Welcome menu, the two new apps that will be introduced in early June to simplify the operation of facilities and public exercises.



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