EP Production, More Energy to Transformation

EP Manufacturing, the more energy transformation

EP Manufacturing  is the Italian power generation company of the Czech energy group EPH, European major player with operations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, the UK and Hungary, but also in Italy. Production EP produces and manages the national territory a total generation capacity of 4.3 GW, through five gas plants and one coal-fired for a total of about 530 people employed throughout Italy. “Our plants are efficient and high performance, and operate according to the highest environmental standards, safety and reliability” – explains Peter Cernák , EP Manufacturing CFO .

infrastructure Separation

The company, along with technology partner Comedata , has made an important project of transformation of its ICT architecture. The main objective, the infrastructure separation of EP Production by E.ON, following the acquisition of power generation assets by EPH. During the delivery, the IT project has ensured better protection of data and applications, along with the scalability of the solutions and increased productivity of internal users. “Now we have an IT infrastructure more efficient, more innovative and user-friendly”, said the manager. “We come with cloud solutions and Microsoft tool fully integrated in our applications. The technological component is crucial in a large company like ours, because it enables collaboration between internal users and information sharing. In a business that handles complex tasks throughout the national territory, it must be to coordinate the work of all the team at different locations. Another aspect was rewarding for us to manage this project mainly internally, with our own strength and professionalism, strong also partnered with Comedata that allowed us to make it happen. ”

The areas involved in the project

The areas involved in the project were, in addition to workstations, networks and data centers, applications and fixed and mobile telephone devices, particularly for VoIP telephony. But an important role in the project was also played by conferencing tools and the Microsoft Office 365 solutions, always focusing on data security with multi-factor authentication systems. The company’s infrastructure has been strengthened and made more streamlined, and the simplest tools to use thanks to the cloud, while the impact of digital transformation – application side – covered the hundreds of SAP users, the new e-mail system Office 365 and the integration of on-premise applications with advanced collaboration services in the cloud. The productivity instead was increased through multi-device access to email, calendars and contacts of innovative tools and instant messaging, audio conferencing, video and web. “The cloud has enabled us to achieve business continuity at a company truly dynamic, improving processes and implementing disaster recovery solutions, as well as make the most of business intelligence systems” – says the CFO.

A flexible and scalable system

In addition to the priority objective of the separation between the IT infrastructure of EP Production and E.ON, there were, however, also linked to the detachment of the two objectives reality. The first was to obtain the benefits of virtualization in the “cloud.” The second, to create a flexible, scalable and able to quickly meet the needs of users. The latter asked to be able to have a single point of response to IT problems and to have quick and easy access to available applications. Thanks to the transformation of the information system, EP Production can now rely on a scalable infrastructure and cost. “IT must support the business and put in service of the person, because every business is about people. The next challenges will be for us to learn how to make best use of new systems that we have installed, with the aim of making the business more efficient “- concludes Černák.



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