Pegasystems, the winning customer engagement

Pegasystems, the winning customer engagement

In the age of the customer experience, often abbreviated in CX, because you know that ICT more or less exotic acronyms never fail, have a Customer Engagement really powerful solution can make a difference. No wonder then the growing success of  Pegasystems , Bostonian company operating for over thirty years, that with the Pega platform has carved out an increasingly larger space in this area. With results of all relief: four employees, presence in the world and 2016 sales of more than $ 750 million, which is expected to come to about 870 this year, ie an increase of around 15 percent. The forecast, completely informal, is  Gabriele Obino, country manager of Pegasystems Italy , which Data Manager  met exclusively during the event “Customer Engagement Summit”, held in Milan in mid-April. 


An event characterized by large response, with more than 200 people registered, that is to say, as a specific Obino, “twice as many as last year, when we held the first edition of the Summit in Italy” and that has seen a succession of many interventions, including that of a leading pan-European scale Italian bank that has shown the benefits of using Pegasystems solutions, similar to what they did last year, the two testimonial Tim and Vodafone Italy. Because – as pointed out Obino – “this event is dedicated to the ads, but the share of those who are the concrete business results. The way we do marketing is to have customers who talk about us in a positive way with other customers. Maybe it’s not instant gratification, but it certainly allows us to have quality customers and long-term relationships, which are the most profitable for everyone. Moreover, if we are inserted at the top of the rating charts of all the major analysts, it is also due to the fact that we always focus on the results for our clients. ”


The various interventions of Pegasystems experts, including Adam Field, senior director of technology innovation marketing, and Setrag Khoshafian, chief evangelist and vice president of BPM Technology, shared the latest technology trends related to new strategies to provide more opportunities and ways of customer engagement, while increasing the ability of companies to operate with agility and increasingly essential in today’s competitive environment efficiency. The need to become more “customer-centric” was also highlighted in the intervention of Accenture, sponsor of the event along with Bizmatica-Econocom and PwC, which are among the market partners of Pegasystems.


“We are present in Italy for seven years, with a team that now has more than twenty people and work with large customers, especially in Telco areas, Finance, Manufacturing and Retail” – emphasizes Obino, remembering that Pegasystems has historically to its credit solutions Business Process Management, where he took over the years a leading position, and has long been at the forefront in offering innovative Customer Engagement solutions that include customer service, the sales automation and real time marketing type one- to-one. “The need that we satisfy is what is often called” mass customization “, or customization of interactions with each individual client by companies, and we do it with Pega platform, which itself includes analysis tools, management and integrated decision ‘- continues Obino. Today, Pega, arrived to version 7, representing a share close to 50 percent of company sales, but continues to grow as it is experiencing a remarkable consensus on the market, thanks to the fact that it is based on an artificial intelligence platform It makes a “customer decision hub” perfect for today’s needs, as it provides value to both the portion of the back office is that of the front office. Not only that: “With our platform we are able to provide intelligence and value even to other solutions, thanks to the flexibility of our platform, which can be on premise, in the cloud, and possibly also in an internal company cloud, without that there is any kind of lock-in “- concludes Obino.



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