Surface Pro, Surface Laptop and Surface Studio are now available in Germany

With the new Surface Pro (2017), the Surface laptop and SurfaceStudio all three members of the #NewSurfaceFamily available in Germany immediately. There are also new accessories, which is also worth a look. Shortly after the start of sales of the two different versions of the notebooks and All-In-One PCs are already sold out, supply is expected to arrive soon, or can be ordered any from neighboring countries such as Austria. We provide you the equipment in the following table once before, more information including our detailed article about the models.

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  • Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop
  • Microsoft Surface Studio
  • Microsoft Surface Accessories
    • Surface Pro Signature Type Cover
    • Surface Pen
    • Surface Dial
    • Surface Arc Mouse
  • Summary

Microsoft Surface Pro

The new Surface Pro was unveiled in late May and is basically a more or less revised version of its successful predecessor. In addition to more powerful processors and again extended battery life (up to 13.5 hours), the Surface Pro now has the popular design for many users Alcantara surface and works with the new Surface Pen. In addition, the functionality of the folding stand has been improved, which in turn, etc. to working with graphics programs Applications effects.

In combination with the Surface Dock, the Surface Pro to replace a desktop computer and, for example, can be connected with a much larger screen, a printer and other devices. In a total of six different model variants, the Surface Pro (2017) should be available for a suggested retail price of the manufacturer of 949 euros in Germany now, with the previously announced LTE-Advanced version of the device will follow during the year.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

The new Surface laptop was presented in early May to the world and is equipped in the factory-supplied configuration with a pre-installed Windows 10 S, a special configuration of Windows 10 Pro. The operating system does not allow installation of “normal” programs and is in favor of security and performance solely on apps made available through the Windows Store. Until December 31, a free upgrade to a full-fledged Windows 10 should be possible at any time Pro version, then the cost for this change to be limited.

Visually, the Surface laptop joins not least through its Alcantara surface in the series of new devices. The notebook will be available in four different versions to an EIA from 1,149 euros in Germany. First, it is only available in Platinum Gray, later the colors Bordeaux red, cobalt blue and graphite follow gold.

Microsoft Surface Studio

With the SurfaceStudio Microsoft late last year a powerful All-In-One PC presented, which is aimed at professional users and are to poach in Apple’s traditional markets more or less obvious. The device has a touchscreen with Mobitor 28 “screen size and a resolution of impressive 4,5K (13.5 million pixels). Thanks to a special “Zero Gravity” -Scharniers the monitor from the desktop mode to the leaves bring “Studio Mode” and then placed as a drawing board at an angle of 20 °. In Germany, the SurfaceStudio AiO PC is offered in three different model variants from a price of 3,549 euros, with the most powerful versions are considerably more expensive.

Microsoft Surface Accessories

In addition to the notebook, the 2in1 and the AiO PC is now available also a small range of new accessories that can complement both the individual devices as well as compatible hardware from other manufacturers make sense. These include a keyboard, the “Dial” and new pens.

Surface Pro Signature Type Cover

The Surface Pro Signature Type Cover has an LED keypad lighting, and a large glass trackpad, which in turn has a multi-touch function. The keyboard is coated with the microfiber “Alcantara” and be pre-ordered at this time. They will be available from 30 June 2017 in the colors burgundy, cobalt blue and platinum at a price of 179.99 euros (RRP incl. VAT.) Be available in Germany.

Surface Pen

The separately available Surface Pen offers now 4,096 pressure points four times the pressure sensitivity than its predecessor and will set new standards for faster and smoother writing and drawing. A special function recognizes the tilt angle of the pen and is so for example in the shading of digital drawings, etc. help operations. Unfortunately, the Surface Pen comes a little later this year in different colors on the German market.

Surface Dial

The Surface Dial to lt. Microsoft completely new ways to operate and offer laptop next to the display of a SurfaceStudio, a Surface Pro or Surface. More intuitive scrolling, zooming and navigation and quick access to shortcuts and tools simplify particular creative design. The model will be available in Germany starting today for a price of 109.99 euros (RRP incl. VAT.).

Surface Arc Mouse

Our secret is the new Surface Arc Mouse, we could look at in detail already during the build 2017th On the finger area of ​​the available in different colors Bluetooth mouse can be scrolled horizontally and vertically, the model is incredibly comfortable to hold. Once they will finally be available in Germany, is at a first test.


With the availability of three devices in Germany, Microsoft has this country got things right in time for the not unimportant “Back-to-School” period. The Redmond were visibly surprised by the high demand for the devices, especially when it came to SurfaceStudio hardly with production. The indisputable very nice devices all have their price, but really stand out powerful hardware and high-quality workmanship by some of. The previously available test reports prove that the Redmond company has long established itself as a hardware manufacturer, and ultimately makes the Surface series the reference models for a number of devices that are manufactured by companies other than Microsoft partner.



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