Facebook now allows you to use GIF in your comments, even in the Android app


The GIF accomplished 30 years and Facebook has decided to celebrate them by allowing users to insert them in the comments, also in the application for Android.

After a long test period, from today, 15 June, it is possible to press the dedicated button to open a list of GIF: the social network shows you the most popular, but you can perform searches in a simple and immediate by writing a keyword . For example, you type in “Mr. Bean” to display all GIF available on the popular comic character. If you already have some suitable in the memory of your smartphone (or PC), you can press the camera icon to attach it as you would a normal static image.

Facebook is taking advantage of the event to offer a couple of statistics about the GIF: it more than $ 13 billion last year alone through Messenger (some were sent 25,000 per minute ), with January 1 result the peak day (400 million). The popular company also serves classic and “eternal” question about the correct pronunciation of the word “GIF” is said with “g” hard or soft? Let us know your in the usual box below.



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