Insolvency – Cashbacks and bonuses are on the brink Insolvency – The shopping channel filed for insolvency at the end of May. As the market monitors of the consumer center communicate, the cashbacks and bonuses of numerous customers are in danger. Insolvency, which specializes in mobile phone offers, has filed for insolvency at the end of May and is informing its customers on the company’s homepage that this is not an end of business relations but an opportunity for a new start.

The market monitors of the consumer center, on the other hand, see very specific problems that can be attributed to the channel’s customers. Above all, the cashback payments, which are important for the business model and made the offers attractive to consumers, are in danger. “For many customers the offer was like a good deal – at least until the end of May,” it says. “This is a bad news, especially for customers who are now waiting to be paid for their contractually secured cash backs. Because with the imminent insolvency is now clear: For the time being no cash backs are paid out any more. ”

No more cashbacks and bonuses

In June 2016, moved into the focus of the market watchdog, as “several customers complained about intransparent offers, doubtful money claims and bonuses not paid out”. The market watchdogs warned the company. The praised improvement, yet the complaints did not abate. “In spite of the improvement in the offer last year, the complaints in our early warning network show that the requirements for claiming the bonus continue to be difficult for many consumers to understand,” explains Tom Janneck, team manager of the market watchdog Digitale Welt in the consumer center Schleswig-Holstein. customers will only get more detailed information on how to proceed further within a few weeks after opening insolvency proceedings. From this point in time, they can register their claims and become part of the creditors under which the insolvency mass is distributed. The market watchers ask those who have booked a contract after 29 May 2017 to get in touch with them and to describe their experiences. The complaint form is ready for this purpose.

Market watchers see cashback models critically

“Due to the impending insolvency, it is questionable whether cash-back business models, in which the disbursements are distributed over a longer period, are truly customer-friendly. For consumers who have relied on the bonus payments and even depend on the low-cost tariffs, the situation is certainly a bitter blow, “says Tom Janneck. “We have already received initial complaints on this subject. In our view, however, there is no legal possibility at the moment of the promised bonus payments. ”

The reason for this is that the current contract with the respective mobile phone provider is not affected by the insolvency. “Here, consumers are still obliged to transfer the contractually regulated charges in full.”

Further information for affected customers is available at www.marktwä

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