CA Technologies makes companies more agile and fast responding to the needs of the market

CA provides the most agile and fast companies to respond to market needs

  • The new release of the market-leading solution in the Project & Portfolio Management (PPM CA) provides very detailed views on the planning of resources, current and future, and even richer capabilities for team collaboration
  • New features to the service team within Agile Central, which ensure that teamwork is perfectly aligned with business objectives
  • Additional Integrations of the broad portfolio of CA solutions, which enable organizations to leverage the financing capacity, investment and planning PPM CA getting the visibility of what is provided through CA Agile Central, so that companies can make better decisions based on facts concrete

CA PPM enables you to anticipate and plan for resources team with the first Telescoping tool available on the market

As a leading provider of PPM solutions, CA has been acknowledged among the leaders in the edition 2017 of the Magic Quadrant for Project Portfolio Management, Worldwide. The latest version of the CA PPM solution has the first telescoping functionality available on the market to easily manage scalability over time from a single view. In this way, resource managers can better anticipate and plan the possible future resource requirements, and project coordinators have greater visibility for better management of ongoing projects and their resources. New features include, in addition, built-in dialog capabilities to encourage collaboration, while pinning and filtering capabilities make it easier for users to isolate specific problems of resource allocation and possible conflicts in the allocation of staff.

The Team Board function Agile Central granting autonomy to the team and visibility to business

A unique feature of CA Agile Central, Team Board, bridges the gap between the teams of the need for autonomy and alignment to business strategy, thanks to an unprecedented process flexibility and support for Scrum and Kanban as a team.

“In today’s market with fast pace and constant change, success requires team with extensive powers that can easily adapt their work to the company’s overall strategy. To achieve success on all levels, solutions and tools that teams use to be intuitive, flexible and powerful – and must support mode of modern work, instead intralciarle, “said Angela Tucci, general manager of Agile Management AC Division Technologies. “To help companies succeed, Agile Management solutions from CA’s stakeholders to provide full visibility on the execution and delivery of business plans and financial investment, supporting even the practices adopted by the modern team. ”

Identify, define and classify the loads of the most important work with Agile PPM +

To promote greater visibility into strategic business decisions and the workloads running, CA PPM has expanded integrations with CA Agile Central in order to provide customers a 360 degree view of all work performed by Agile teams and traditional across the enterprise. These additions provide some news:

  • Unified portfolio Approval of funding: integration of all the work in a unified loan portfolio. Increased visibility on the expenditure for all the activities of Agile and traditional teams.
  • Flexible backlog management:  maintenance of the backlog of features in Agile for internal teams or PPM for contracts of a like-controlled clients.
  • Unified Resource Planning: adding new resources to the team from CA Agile Central to the project staff to provide the company with visibility into all the work.
  • Simplified management of costs: a single solution for Agile Central Time Management and CA PPM, associated with a time unified template available to the Finance for job classification, without having to burden the team with complex rules or audit requests.

CA continues to strive to help companies develop applications faster by offering integrated solutions in its portfolio of Agile and Continuous Delivery Management. The new PPM and CA Agile Central announced today by CA, together with the integrated solutions already available Agile Central and Continuous Delivery, allow customers to plan, manage, create and deliver the best products at the right time, linking the strategy to delivery , accelerating time-to-market, enabling them to respond quickly to market changes.



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