Sparhandy: How the roaming works with the individual brands

Sparhandy roaming – Even with Sparhandy the new EU regulations will be implemented from 15 June 2017 and the roaming charges abolished. To meet the customers’ questions, the company has provided an information site online and summarized the most important information on the distributed brands in a document.

Sparhandy roaming from June 15

Customers Sparhandy benefit from 15 June 2017 also from the elimination of roaming fees and use its rates without additional costs in other European countries. To open issues to address, the company has provided an information site online, the most important questions and answers about the new rules can read on the customer.

“Since the announcement of the decision we make to our customers an increased need for information regarding the foreign roaming firmly,” explains Kai Festersen, head of marketing at Sparhandy. “Especially the changes in existing contracts where, for example, is paid extra for the current use or abroad so far is only a limited data allotment available, people are dealing with.”

Sparhandy informed about roaming from

In addition to the information portal customers can read specifically in a document, such as the booked from you about Sparhandy brand deal with the EU regulation and the changes that occur to them. It explains the details for the brands Telekom, congstar, Vodafone, otelo, Telefónica O2, blue and mobilcom-debitel.




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