TMC with Altea Digital for Industry 4.0

TMC con Altea Digital per l’Industry 4.0

The head office is in Castel Guelfo, in that part of the province of Bologna, which is almost on the border between Emilia and Romagna. But the vocation of TMC is quite global: it is one of the leading international players, active for more than 20 years in the packaging and handling of Tissue products, with an annual turnover of around 75 million euros, with world presence , Direct subsidiaries in the United States and Brazil, and an exclusive distributor in Mexico. Among the reasons for TMC’s leadership lies in innovation orientation in offering customers more and more advanced solutions, both in terms of technology and service quality. “We have been pioneers in focusing our attention on the services and after-sales service, creating AMS Service, a company dedicated to after sales, and intensifying it as delivering advanced, innovative high-value services” – emphasizes Martina Stefanon, business development Director for service innovation in the TMC group. The company, which was born in 2006, “initially billed about 4 million euros, this year we expect to achieve 17-18 million, targeting our budget targets,” Stefanon continues.


Industrial innovation, driven by and above all by the Internet of Things, is the new frontier on which AMS Service and TMC have long begun to look carefully, with important investment plans: “By the end of 2015, with the new Emerging culture of “servitization”, service plays a central role, whereby the product can in some cases become almost a commodity », explains Martina Stefanon. Addressing this new course means “gearing up to realizing a 360 degree real-time view of how machines are operating and how the customer is using them,” explains Stefanon, pointing out that “translating data gathered into concrete value information is The basis for the continuous process of product improvement, and the relationship with customers, to whom we guarantee with our services, machine performance at the highest levels. ” In this new and promising route, the TMC Group is accompanied by Altea Digital, a company dedicated to the digital innovation of the Altea Group, system integrator, which was established almost 25 years ago and has long established itself as an active Group in many IT areas with a turnover Around 70 million euros and about a thousand employees.

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“An ever-evolving path, begun with the choice of the PTC ThingWorx Technology Platform, was the same PTC to meet Altea Digital, with whom we are actively contributing to the realization of our innovation path” – continues Stefanon. The project envisages the creation of advanced machine analytics applications that, by cross-linking information from all installed and connected machines in real time, will proactively provide a highly innovative business intelligence. “Functionality such as Real Time Monitoring and Fault Detection, Machine Health State, Condition Based Maintenance, and Automated Predictive Analysis are currently being produced on some pilot machines,” notes Martina Stefanon. In summary, TMC has created an independent structure dedicated to the design and implementation of smart tools with the necessary security to ensure high competitiveness for customers: a dedicated team of experts, the TMC iCenter, provides a detailed analysis of As the machines are performing and making customized solutions with clients. This creates a significant competitive advantage for end-users who intend to optimize costs while at the same time increasing overall efficiency. “TMC and Altea Digital together look to the future, to be a step forward,” concludes Martina Stefanon.



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