Da start-up a scale-up, Team Leader arriva in Italia

Da start-up a scale-up, Teamleader arriva in Italia

Approaching the market globally, taking into account the differences between individual countries. This is the beginning that guided the input of Teamleader in Italian, a Belgian company operating in Europe since 2012. What does he do? Mainly to support the digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises, through the eponymous SaaS platform that provides a marketplace where developers can publish their projects and monetize these, through a store open and available to all customers.

To kick off the adventure is Italian Sara Morandini, Country Manager for our country, with a background in Microsoft and a group of young employees with a great desire to help local SMEs to embrace the digital transformation that will seem strange, is well far from having involved all the organizations present at the national level.

Four pillars

“What we offer is a solution designed from the beginning for small businesses – said Morandini – unlike what happens to the big players, who climb larger projects with lower requirements, not always correspond to the concrete needs of users. The Teamleader central core is an ecosystem that includes a CRM module; the complete management of the sales cycle, including budgeting and billing; an engine, and dozens of other features. ”

According to the new terms so dear to analysts, Teamleader can be called a scale-up or a start-up that grew in front but still has significant growth prospects. Although operating in Italy for just over a month, the customer portfolio is already significant: about 200 throughout the peninsula, mostly companies and start-ups with less than 10 employees.

Close to the customer

But why it is that such a success, especially in a period that saw the industry, is really short? “What sets us apart is the devotion we have towards the customer. We follow him for free in the pre-sales to integrating real company. It is a formative moment, both for us and for them, not always caught with the necessary attention from today’s actors, aiming more to quantity than the quality. No coincidence that the group’s strategy is to rely on individual markets to people who are well rooted in the contexts of intervention so as to better adapt to specific needs. ”

This was underlined by well Jeroen De Wit, Cofounder and CEO of Teamleader connected remotely: “We are children of the digital culture but we know how important it is to maintain a direct relationship with our stakeholders. We live a steady growth but the aim is to increase resources taking advantage of those who are close to the territory. We think that the presence of competitive economic offer (starting from 25 Euros monthly for two CRM licenses) and the passion and dedication that distinguishes us, will lead us to achieve good satisfaction and, above all, to ferry our customers toward goals they have set. ”

glocal approach

One of the forces of the platform is the development program in place when you start a project. There are four technical pillars: CRM, billing, sales cycle, but support the integration is the master: “The versatility and dissemination of public API allows us to greatly expand the areas of intervention – said the Country Manager – in Germany, for example, we have initiated a process with Deutsche post for the dematerialisation of paper documents and the improvement of the traditional flow of communications. In Italy we bet much on the implementation of the company, such as LinkedIn, much used and appreciated by smaller organizations. “



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