These three Chinese were holding a click farm containing 474 iPhone and nearly 350,000 SIM cards

The Thai authorities announced last Sunday have arrested three Chinese nationals who held a “click to farm,” a house with hundreds of iPhone and hundreds of thousands of SIM cards designed to create traffic on applications or products sold WeChat. The opportunity, once again, to discover the inside how these plants liker.

Last month, we already could see what looked like a click to farm inside. The latter was in China, in a place ” secret .” Today it is possible to see again what look like these factories liker, and comment spam with the recent arrest of three Chinese nationals who held a click to farm in northern Thailand.

The army of 400 bots

As reported by The Verge (via Bangkok Post), the Thai authorities have raided a house they suspected of harboring a fraudulent call center. And if they found many phones in this house, it was, however, not to make calls, but rather to manage an army of bots.

Inside were in no fewer than 474 iPhone, more than 347 000 SIM cards Thai operators and a dozen PC for managing all phones. The three Chinese indeed touched 150,000 Thai baht per month to ” generate false pages viewed on websites, liker and share products or applications via WeChat ” using bots installed on hundreds of iPhone 4S, 5C and 5S present in the click farm.

The goal was to create “engagement” around specific applications or products sold through WeChat, a social network / sales platform very popular in the Middle Kingdom. The three Chinese nationals said that the phones were from a Chinese company which they would not reveal the name. They now face up to 5 years in prison for working in Thailand without a work permit for the use of unregistered SIM cards and smuggling.



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