Facebook Live: Social Network Directories arrive

Facebook’s intention is to allow everyone to have access to the Social Network , without distinction. To do so has decided to make some important changes concerning the ‘ addition of subtitles in direct on the platform. An important innovation that will allow those who have hearing problems or can not even listen to live anyway to be able to follow directly reading the subtitles.

The company has announced that from now on, if the subtitle settings are active, the subtitles , if available, you can automatically see on the Facebook Live. In the last year, the daily views of Facebook Live grew four times more, and according to statistics 1 of 5 video is a direct Facebook. The novelty of offering publishers the ability to include subtitles in Facebook Live certainly also allow those who is still inconvenient to reach the Live video and actively participate just like the others.

It ‘clear how Facebook is constantly looking to make content on its platform more accessible to more people. In addition, it is already possible to add subtitles to the videos do not live in the moment they are loaded on the Social Network pages. In this regard, publishers can use the voice recognition service to automatically generate captions to be included in the videos. For more information, please visit the specific section-Access directly on the Facebook portal.



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