Rate the manufacturer of the gaming devices you like

Reducing from Computex in Taipei is evident as the theme brought by most companies involved in the PC component industry and gaming industry. More and more users are approaching the universe of the game on PCs and every day new solutions are promoted that make the experience of playing PCs more and more interesting and exciting.


Reduce We want to understand which are the most popular brands in the PC component industry and for this reason we ask you to take a couple of minutes to complete this simple survey:

Gaming PC 2017 brand survey

There are 12 product categories from motherboards to liquid cooling systems through SSDs and gaming peripherals: for each, you can express your preference for which brand is yours. At the end of the survey we will collect all the data, making them public in an article in which we will analyze and comment on your brand gaming preferences.

The survey is obviously anonymous, not linked to email address or other sensitive data. Thank you for your availability and good vote now!




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