Wondershare Filmora: The 8 Effects Collections, Filters, Transitions of Effects Shop

Wondershare has very high ambitions with Filmora, Promoted app as “the easiest-to-use home-video editing software”. It is aimed primarily at beginners through a powerful and effective graphical interface but has a wealth of Hollywood-style effects to make your vacation videos personal or unforgettable or your YouTube and social publications. Wondershare Filmora implements over 140 filters and over-effects (film, light, blur or even colorful as explosions or meteorites in free fall) and a music library composed of several non-copyrighted tracks. In this way, users can post videos made with Filmora without fear of being rejected for violating any copyright.

The peculiarity of the application lies in its effects store, which features an additional comprehensive package every month. In the store, we have paid and free content that allows any type of user to include personalized video elements like YouTube introductions, and more. On the YouTube channel of the application we find a presentation of the seven packages available today: Within each video we can see a preview of what we will find inside the package before purchasing it through the Filmora Effects Shop. On the page below, we propose different videos of available collections each for different types of effects, including those typical of blockbuster movies, explosions and fire effects, advanced impressions, and much more.

Collezione Giocatori a 8 bit

As can be seen from the name is the package designed for each nerd creator that you respect. It integrates the effects of past 8-bit video games, transgressions and characters of the antiquity of video games, “pixellosis” titles, typical effects of past games with music and references to world-wide gaming worlds such as Pac Man and Space Invaders. Over 50 effects present.

Collezione Bellezza

The Beauty Collection addresses the “creators” of content with different effects to emphasize the beauty and style of the subjects present in the video. There are several typical effects of “fashion” videos and fashion-related representations, including a vintage-effect package used in the video inserts of a time but still making their appearance today.

Set Sci-Fi

It is a collection that implements typical effects of sci-fi movies, the Minority Report for us, with packages with content related to different categories of science fiction films. Inside, we find the Cosmic Pack (for those who love space and galaxies), the Hive Mind Pack (more tied to technological science fiction), and the Deep Web Pack for computer gadgets.

Blockbuster Collection

In this collection there are two “huge” packages that integrate several special effects typical of blockbuster animation films. The 140 different effects are divided into 8 different categories, whose names are absolutely explanatory: explosions, lasers, gusts, electricity, meteors, bullets, destructions and large-scale effects. To use them in the video just drag them into the project.

Fashion Collection

You could not miss the collection for fashion lovers, the Fashion Collection. Within the 75 presentations we find effects, transitions, titles with different typologies for the texts present. Even in this case, the package is aimed primarily at the female world, but not only. Every fashion blogger can improve its videos in an extremely simple way.

Movie Overlay Set

This set is aimed at all users who want to add “personality” to their video: they have different effects to add the typical grain of different films and also movie effects, filters that simulate different categories of movies (war or romantic ad Example) and there are also missing sections for vintage lovers (VHS, black and white, etc.).

Fireworks Pack

The last package is probably the simplest of all, and implements as you easily understand the name of a series of fireworks of all shapes, sizes and colors to give a festive air to every content. The visual part is accompanied by the “barrels” typical of the fireworks.

Wondershare Filmora is offered free of charge by subscribing to a watermark on videos made with the program, while to unlock the full potential you need to pay 39.99 Euros for a one-year license and 59.99 Euro for the one-lifetime usable on a PC. A much lower cost than the sacred monsters of video editing, for a program that can meet the needs of the majority of users interested in non-professional editing.




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