Facebook: This is what it means and how the rainbow button activates the reactions

In recent days Facebook is filling with rainbows in the true sense of the word. Yes, because in addition to the classic reactions that users can post to comment on a certain post on the social network, it is also possible to insert a true rainbow image depicting the flag symbol of pride LGBT, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender In vogue since the nineties. However, all users will only see the classic reactions active, and in order to be able to see the rainbow too, it will be necessary to adopt a small trick simply by putting it in the same way as in other situations.

How do you change the entire graphical interface with the rainbow? The steps are really straightforward and straightforward. In fact, any user will have to go to the LGBT @ Facebook page and put a “Like” on the same page. In this way, the Menlo Park algorithm will completely change the entire graphical interface by automatically activating the symbol flag of the Pride of the reactions to anyone. Nothing is easier and above all immediate for anyone who wants to participate actively in this way in the initiative that Mark Zuckerberg wanted for this year’s Pride. The will clearly is to make people more aware of the Pride 2017 celebrations in a way that is fast and invasively but still important.


Facebook’s Facebook Pride reaction this year, which is usually celebrated during June, is not the only initiative the social network and its developers have put in place to bring people closer to this issue. In fact, always on Facebook, you can add a colored frame to the profile image so that you can make the assent to this year’s Pride celebrations even more effective. Certainly the Zuckerberg company will not stop at this and probably in the coming days you might also see the arrival of some special filter in the Facebook Camera or even special effects in the Facebook Messenger camera.



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