OneDrive, On-Demand Files Now Active for Windows Insider Users: How It Works

Microsoft has announced the integration of OneDrive Files On-Demand on the latest Windows 10 Insider Buildings. This feature lets you free disk space between clouded content that is being used less. An approach that resembles that of various mobile applications, but will also be delivered more widespread to Windows Desktop users. The way the cloud is is to allow you to store large amounts of files without weighing on your computer’s storage, and better file management in the local area was one of the wishes of OneDrive users.

How does the On-Demand feature on OneDrive work? The same Microsoft explains it in a post on the official Windows blog: “You can access all your files on the cloud without having to download and use storage space on your device. All your files – even those online-only – can Being viewed on File Explorer and working like any other file on your device. You can run files online-only from any desktop or Windows Store application using the file selector. ” The files on OneDrive will be marked by three different states:

Online-only files: do not take up space on your computer. In the lower left, the icon will bring a stylized cloud, with the file that will be downloaded only when prompted by the user. This type of file can only be run if there is an internet connection, but it will always be visible on File Explorer.
Available Local Files: When you open an online-only file, it is downloaded to your device and becomes available locally. This means that it will occupy the storage space of the device and it will be executable even if you are not connected to the internet. To restore the online-only status of the file you will need to right-click on its icon and select “Free Space”. These files are indicated with a green check mark on a white background in the icon.
Always Available Files: By selecting the “Keep Always on Device” option, you will get a blank check mark on the green background inside the icon, indicating the presence of the file inside the device’s storage space. Files that are always available, as the same name says, will be executable at any time, even if you are not connected to the Internet.

The new system is naturally more immediate and intuitive than the current OneDrive management, allowing you to interact only with folders on your account. To date, you can choose whether or not to see (save locally) certain folders in our OneDrive, while with the new on-demand system, you can see all the files saved on the cloud at any time, occupying only the intended space on the device The most important files or just the one you need for the content you need in the immediate future.

Microsoft will release OneDrive Files On-Demand along with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which should arrive by the end of the current year.



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