Apple: iMac Pro top of the range could cost more than $17,000

Professional computers have a higher average cost of those oriented to the consumer market, and Apple’s case we already know that the increase is designed to be very robust. iMac Pro was officially announced during the WWDC 2017, and we know that the entry-level will be offered at a base price, not really popular, for $ 4,999 . But how much, however, it will cost the variant to the top of the range, the most expensive, all-in-one professional Cupertino? Considering the integrated components, such as the 18-core processor, RAM ECC 128 GB and SSD 4TB the figure could go well beyond the thresholds of simply expensive.

Apple has not disclosed the price of custom configurations of the iMac Pro, as the official debut will not be before December. To make an estimate has been ZDNet, which updated the base model by the most powerful components and advanced on the market right now. The Pro iMac ZDNet then earns a CPU 18-core , 128GB RAM, 4TB SSD and an AMD Radeon Vega Pro video card with 16 GB of RAM HBM2. Apple has not said what exact componentistic use for higher configurations in range, then ZDNet has chosen the most likely hardware parts through choices of Apple.

The source then used the processor Intel Xeon E5-2697 18-core and 36-thread to make its estimates, subtracting the cost of $ 419 of the basic 8-core processor. The cost of one processor becomes of $ 2,282, but it is not that – unfortunately we know – makes his Apple account. As reported by some analysis made by iFixit, on their iMac Apple applies a price increase of about 75% on the cost of CPU . The processor upgrade with its highest variation in range may in fact cost to the user or a professional figure that is around $ 4,000.

To estimate the price of RAM, ZDNet has compared the current upgrade prices on iMac products compared to that of third-party memories: the rise of Apple is about 80%. Subtracting the 404 US dollars for the 32 GB of RAM Pro iMac basic model value, the cost of the upgrade to 128 GB of ECC RAM is about $ 2,700. More difficult to analyze the Vega Pro Radeon GPU, since it currently does not exist on the market. Taking as reference the price of NVIDIA GTX Titan X, and adding the “Apple tax” of 80% come to about $ 2000. As instead it regards the SSD costs 4TB model will be approximately at $ 3,600.

By adding $ 4,999 to the base price the cost of individual updates the estimated price for the maximum configuration iMac Pro is $ 17,299 . Of course it is a unofficial figure and a price that should be considered in conjunction with a professional product. It will still be seen how many professionals will be interested to the all-in-one Pro of Apple with a new Mac Pro Modular around the corner.



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