Sony explained the rejection of cross-platform multiplayer between the PS4 and Xbox One concern about the players

In March last year, the director of the program ID @Xbox Chris Charla (Chris Charla) said about readiness of the company to introduce support for cross-platform multiplayer between Xbox One and other platforms, including the PlayStation 4. Six months later, the desire of Microsoft to realize this opportunity said and marketing director Aaron Greenberg (Aaron Greenberg). The decision rests with the main competitor but, judging by the recent comments by the head of global sales and marketing department of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan (Jim Ryan), this possibility is hardly ever appear.


“Do not think that [Sony] takes some fundamental philosophical position is dictated by the rejection of [support cross-platform multiplayer] – Ryan said in an interview with Eurogamer, adding that Sony has always interested in cooperation with other companies in such matters. – Unfortunately, this forced a commercial decision taken by us, taking into account the interests of shareholders. I will not go into details. “

During Microsoft’s press conference held in the framework of the exhibition E3 2017 studio Mojang has announced  the addition of support for cross-platform multiplayer Minecraft almost all modern platforms – in addition to the PlayStation 4. Citing the example of the game, Ryan tried to justify the absence of such a possibility on the Sony console concern of young gamers.

“We have to remember our responsibility for the users of our platform, – he said. – We all know that Minecraft is played by people of all ages, including young children. We have an agreement with the users, which obliges us to look after them when they go online. They should be exclusively within the ecosystem PlayStation – otherwise the children will be exposed to some external influences. It should be how to think about it. ” “For the Nintendo, which is probably more than the others take care of the children, such a problem for some reason does not exist”, – he said on this statement Eurogamer journalist, he received vague answer Ryan: “Everyone makes such decisions, which are believed to be correct.”

In an interview with reporters GameSpot this week, Microsoft Game Studios Deyv Makkarti (Dave McCarthy) general manager said that the company is already discussing the possibility of the introduction of this feature, but so far no negotiations have failed. Unlike Sony, Nintendo, according to the head, it showed itself in this respect as the “perfect partner” , immediately agreeing to the proposal. Rocket League, for example, will play with owners of versions for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, when there will be the third of these platforms this winter.

Sony has no objection against a cross-platform multiplayer between the PlayStation 4 and PC. Members of the two platforms can play with each other in games such as Street Fighter V and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.



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