Cooler be quiet! Shadow Rock TF 2 officially presented

Company be quiet! It continues to produce cooling systems that combine decent performance and low noise level. Next update the lineup be quiet! It became CPU cooler Shadow Rock TF 2. Its characteristics are relatively small height (112 mm), partial fusion of the base of the radiator and the use of non-standard size of the fan 135 × 135 × 22 mm. Note that the first time the novelty was shown at CeBIT 2017 in March.

Cooling system similar design periodically appear on the market – witness the Cooler Master GeminII S524 and its second version. The German manufacturer chose to simply copy existing solutions to their thorough revision. Thus, compared with the S524 Ver. 2 has changed the base structure (choice was not in favor of direct contact technology), it was mutated radiator and the central heat pipe has become a kind of rib stiffness.

Heat is transferred to the five heat pipes 6 mm in diameter

Heat is transferred to the five heat pipes 6 mm in diameter

The ends of the heat pipes are covered by decorative caps, the upper radiator plate thicker than the others and also serves as an ornament design. “Rising” from the base plate 18, it seems to be warming up unevenly, but from an aesthetic point of view, the choice of be quiet! It is justified. The total radiator Shadow Rock TF 2 consists of ribs 61, its dimensions are equal to 165 (L) × 137 (W) × 87 (H) mm. In view of the fan cooler weighs 680 g and, as already mentioned above reaches a height of 112 mm.

Preset “carlson” is based on a bearing Rifle (slip). The rotational speed of the impeller 135 mm is automatically adjusted using PWM. At maximum speed 1400 rev / min fan circulates 113.8 cubic meters of air per hour and emits to 24.4 dBA noise. Stated average fan operating time duration to failure is 80 000 hours (at a temperature environment of 25 ° C). Cable length is 200 mm.

The cooler is compatible with Intel and AMD are many platforms, starting with LGA775 and AM2, and ending with LGA1151, LGA2011-3 and AM4. At the same time the connector support TR4 and processors Ryzen Threadripper not implemented. LGA2066 solutions, likely supported (the distance between the holes coincides with LGA2011-3), but this is not reflected in the specification. The manufacturer guarantees that the Shadow Rock TF 2 will remove up to 160 W of heat.

The recommended price of new items for the market in Western Europe is € 60, but in some online stores and can be purchased more cheaply – at €51 per unit.



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