Interior electric car Tesla Model 3 was captured on “live” pictures

Network sources released images of interior electric car Tesla Model 3, the production of which will start next month.

Recall that Model 3 is positioned as a “national” electric vehicle. The price of the machine in the base version is about $ 35 000. With a car this today executed more than 400 thousand. Preorders.

Thus, released interior pictures Model 3 indicate that the car has received a front panel with a minimalist design. The traditional instrument cluster is absent, and in the central part of the panel has a large touch screen of the onboard computer. The display has a landscape orientation, as if floating in the air. Panel size, according to available data, was 15 inches diagonally.

The left and right sides of the steering wheel control buttons. It is noted that materials such as wood and leather can be used in interior decoration.

Based on available information, “national” electric vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h for about 5.6 seconds. Cruising range on one charge the battery pack will be 340 km or more. The car is designed to carry five adults.

It is expected that the volume of Tesla Model 3 issues before the end of this year will reach 5,000 units per week. In 2018 this figure is projected to reach 10,000 units.



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