UBports: First stable release of the Ubuntu touch successor

UBports: First stable release of Ubuntu Touch successor

The UBports project said in April to try to continue the set of Canonical mobile operating system Ubuntu Touch. Now the first results are available in the form of a stable OTA first The cooperation with the project Halium bear fruit.

was on the same day as announced that Canonical would also set the development of Ubuntu Touch as part of a comprehensive re-orientation in preparation for a possible IPO next Unity and Mir, the project UBports spoke up. Project Manager Marius Gripsgård declared on G + to want to dare to try to continue Ubuntu Touch as part of its independent project. Also convergence was on the list of projects to be rescued.

gained traction

Meanwhile, the project seems to have gained some traction. Interested community members have agreed on the financing portal patreon the monthly total of nearly 1,700 US dollars. Sponsor Smoose, who was on board before, is supporting the project even further, new sponsors have been added. With this support, a developer full time position can be financed.

OTA-1 is rolled out

Now the project reports in his blog that the first stable version of Ubuntu Touch is delivered on its own as an OTA 1 to owners of corresponding official devices. This does not relates to the Nexus 4 (mako) and 5 (hammer head). For this, many bugs have been fixed and introduced some new developments in the past two months. Thus, OTA-1 a new UBports Welcome app and brings experimental support for AGPS. A terminal and a file browser preinstalled. Logging in OpenStore is possible of supported devices. The Nexus 5 is to be promptly supported in Nexus 4 patient is still in demand.

offer Android Paroli

UBports is also part of the project Halium, which was also launched in April 2017 developers. The starting point of the idea was the site XDA-Developers, an important site for mobile system developers. The aim of Halium to offer the giant Android better Paroli join forces the smaller mobile operating systems. This will be done through a standardization of the Android Compatibility Level for various Linux distributions. It will establish a foundation that runs as possible represented at all in the initiative mobile operating systems. Members include developers of webOS-based Lune OS, KDE Plasma Mobile, Sailfish OS and Ubuntu Touch. The first goal is the development of Libhybris here. This compatibility layer that allows systems based on the GNU C library based, run software written for Android’s Bionic.

Meanwhile are initial results and the software-based boot to Ubuntu Touch and KDE Plasma Mobile on the Nexus 5. In addition, plasma launches Mobile Phone on the fair value of 2. Note this is insofar as Plasma Mobile has never been adapted for the fair Phone. For UBports itself a roadmap showing the next steps. Maybe Ubuntu Touch will soon get a new name.



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