BlackBerry porta più BBM dentro iOS e Android

BlackBerry BBM dentro porta più iOS e Android

Make the most secure enterprise applications. This is the goal of the BlackBerry Enterprise that issued the BBM SDK, the development platform that brings home the chat service in any iOS and Android software. As the name indicates, the SDK allows the integration of BBM, already published years ago as a standalone app on the App Store and Play Store, in third-party business programs, to make them more social and interactive but also protected. In concrete terms, the Canadian multinational, led by a Chinese board, allows you to apply its infrastructure nate interfaces to meet the needs of certain customers that rather than build from scratch their chat, or rely on those of lesser-known companies are betting on quality and reliability of the BlackBerry Messenger, for decades ideal companion for mobile business users (well before Facebook for instance).

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Of course, the BlackBerry market is not the only one to offer such a service but few as she can boast an ecosystem so complete and versatile. BBM can offer a rich set of optional functions beyond just sending and receiving messages: the sharing of files to groups, from voice calls to those videos, the possibilities for developers are so many. Leaning SDK based version (text only) costs $ 29 per year while the price goes up to 79 for voice and video. Therefore the target audience is not the consumer but to companies and organizations that decide to purchase a license for its users. Expect, therefore, to see many applications that host BBM that, by the end of the year, could increase the company’s revenue more and more focused on offering mobility software.



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