Over 800 Android apps on the Play Store are infected with Xavier malware

Bad news on the front of security : Xavier adds to the long list of malware Android . More than 800 different applications Android downloaded millions of times from the Google Play Store are infected by Xavier, present in the operating system libraries dedicated to managing advertising within applications and able to collect sensitive information or execute dangerous operations on devices where it is present .

Xavier belongs to the family of malware AdDown , appeared for the first time in September 2016; the previous version of Xavier was a simple adware that can install APK device on the user’s knowledge, while today the malware has evolved and is much more dangerous. Xavier is present on many Android applications, including photo editors, collections of ringtones and wallpapers, booster volume , music and video player and optimizer performance .

The latest version of Xavier is able to avoid antivirus scans, it is able to download malicious code from a remote server and run and steal sensitive information on the device and the user. According to research, the majority of infected devices can be located in Southeast Asia ; cases in Europe and the US are, fortunately, minor. At this address you can find a list of 75 infected applications that Google has already removed from the Play Store.

The best way to avoid being hit by Xavier is always certified download applications from known developers ; Moreover, it is convenient to take a look at the comments of other users on the Play Store and permits required by the application during installation, as well as maintain their own smartphones always updated and, if necessary, adopt a good antivirus.



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