With Moto E4 and Motorcycle C, Motorola wants to be a reference again in the field of entry-level smartphones

After announcing its new Motorcycle G5 in March, Motorola (and not Lenovo Moto) has just announced the imminent release of two new entry-level smartphones, the Moto E4 and Moto C.

Motorola invited us this morning to discover its new ranges of smartphones to come in the coming days. We start with the Moto C, which was officially announced in mid-May. At the time, Motorola had announced two smartphones, the Moto C and the Moto C Plus. In France, only the Moto C Plus will be marketed, Motorola having judged that the difference of 10 euros between the C and the C Plus was not sufficient for the two devices to be sold simultaneously in France.

Le Motorola Moto C



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