Federal Network Agency declares admissible roaming exceptions

Freies BildAllowed roaming exceptions– The roaming abolition on 15 June 2017 leaves some exceptions and is not binding on all tariffs. The Federal Network Agency declares on an information page the permissible roaming exemptions.

Abolish the roaming charges

On 15 June 2017 the roaming charges will be abolished. Although the new arrangement appears simple at first glance, there are stumbling blocks and aspects that German mobile customers should consider. Above all, the permissible exceptions can lead to confusion.

The Federal Network Agency has put together a special information page, in which interested parties and customers can get information about the details of EU regulation and clarify open questions. Examples and compact explanations are used to discuss details of the new regulation and provide a comprehensive overview.

Allowed roaming exceptions

The variety of topics makes it clear that the abolition of the roaming charges offers some stumbling blocks and the “Roam like Home” principle can be bypassed with permissible exceptions.

In the context of a fair use policy, providers can also charge fees in future if the use takes place abroad. “This should be avoided, for example, by the fact that customers use mobile telephony contracts at very favorable rates from other Member States at home (permanent roaming),” explains the Federal Network Agency. In addition, providers can apply to the supervisory authority to levy surcharges for foreign use despite EU regulation. For instance, “if they are able to prove their cost of providing regulated roaming services and prove that their national business model is at risk.”

A third important point is the general deactivation of single or complete roaming connections. The vendors are free to choose whether they want to offer their customers roaming or not. “Your mobile service provider can thus exclude individual services (voice, SMS, data) from roaming or exclude roaming entirely in the contracts,” confirms the Federal Network Agency. However, in such a case, it is not permissible to offer roaming services for remuneration. “The offering of a roam-making service for an additional flat-rate fee to the domestic tariff constitutes a breach of the regulation.”

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