Dawn of War 3: Annihilation game mode comes by update

Dawn of War 3: Annihilation game mode comes via update

Trying the multiplayer mode of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 align on completing mission goals down has failed, the developers concede. Therefore, the upcoming update returns defense building and the annihilation victory condition.

Trying to satisfy players of Dawn of War 1 and 2 with a single strategy game was succeeded not in all respects. Based on the feedback on forums and the game behavior of users Relic now responding. The upcoming update will be published on 20 June and is intended as a short-term response to the wishes of the players; the long-term concept for the game Relic plans to present at a later date.

Annihilation in two versions

First, the Annihilation mode comes back in two versions. In Classic mode, all the main building of the enemy must be destroyed to end the match successfully. “Annihilation with Defense” speeds up the game by already be placed at the start defense buildings on the map. can be played with two, four and six players on all existing cards as well as the new battlefield Mortis Vale.

New Skins and doctrines for All

Defense building can be erected with new Army doctrines that allow each fraction establish their own towers on the entire map. The doctrines are using the patch to all players without activation available, but can not be used in the campaign – here Relic is still examining whether the involvement is possible. In addition, all players will receive a free skin package for her walker Super units.



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