Drillisch: simply, maXXim, smartmobil and Co. with roaming option

Drillisch with roaming option  – Drillisch equips many tariffs of own brands continues with a roaming option that can be used as an alternative to the EU-regulated international rate. Who does not agree with this approach may at any time enter the EU tariff.

Drillisch with roaming options

book Customer of the individual Drillisch brands along with their tariffs in the future is often a roaming option. While the roaming charges fall away on 15 June 2017, however, the provider may continue to offer special options for international use and integrate into the tariffs.

Drillisch makes use of any of these brands simply, smart mobile, PremiumSIM and maXXim. must make mandatory the provider whose use is not. Customers may change at any time voluntarily in the EU-regulated tariff, which provides that the included in Germany conditions can also be used abroad.

Roaming option or EU tariff at Drillisch

“A change from an alternative roaming tariff in a regulated EU roaming tariff is – even after 6/15/2017 – free of charge”, for example, explained simply in our own help section. In this, the provider also point to possible disadvantages that may arise when switching to the regulated tariff.

So Drillisch brands represent the amount of data contained in the alternative roaming options, many rates up to 1 GB per month, in addition ready and do not feed on the available volume in Germany. When regulated EU tariff, the available in Germany monthly limit is also used abroad and must be enough for Germany and abroad.

Fair-use policy with premiums

In addition, customers who switch to the EU tariff, set by the European Commission Fair Use Policy agree to, which is to prevent excessive use abroad. This does not only additional costs for customers who stay with their German SIM card for more than four months a year abroad, but also sets limits on the use of German contingents.

simply explains the system as follows:

If it exceeds a roaming data volume which corresponds to twice the volume of data from the division of domestic retail customers total price ((no extra charge for hardware or other services, such as Napster or Zattoo) an open data packet by the regulated maximum roaming wholesale charge (9,163 € / GB 15 June – 31 December 2017);. 7.14 € / GB (from 01 January 2018); 5,355 € / GB (from 01 January 2019); 4,165 € / GB (as of January 01, 2020)) results can premiums for the further use of data roaming services (incl. MMS) is collected. Open data packages are all tariffs that include a data flat rates or whose data services are cheaper than the aforementioned roaming wholesale prices.

In a concrete example, this means:

They use a tariff with a monthly package price of € 14.99 (no extra charge for hardware or other services, such as Napster or Zattoo).
Maximum roaming data volume without bonuses in this example:
= 2x (14.99 € / 9,163 € / GB) = 3.27 GB

This means that from an unused data volume of more than 3.27 GB per month, a surcharge of up to 9,163 € per GB is calculated by further data usage in other EU countries.

Drillisch brands with roaming package

Customers of Drillisch brands should check that result from the conversion benefits before a change in the regulated EU tariff. If so, the fair use policy of the company should be considered in order to avoid high costs.

Before simply, maXXim, smart mobile and Co. may have extra fees, they must indicate by SMS to the excessive use and warn affected customers. Only when there is no change after this warning shot, extra fees will be charged.

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