Destiny 2: PC version released on October 24, beta in August

Destiny 2: PC version will be released on October 24 Beta in August

The early rumors in advance should not keep quite right. In September Destiny 2 will be released for the PC until October 24, 2017th The Bungie has announced as part of the E3 2017th For the PC version will appear as expected later than the versions for game consoles. This also applies to the beta test.

For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6 is already the official release date. In July starts on these platforms first closed beta for pre-order, shortly thereafter followed by the Open Beta. The beta test of the surprising appearing on Blizzard’s PC version will, however take place until August, an exact date is not fixed yet. Nvidia has launched a parallel bundle campaign, received 1,080 (Ti) both beta access as well as the full version of Destiny 2 (PC) the buyer of a GeForce GTX.



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