Huawei: HiSilicon develops 5G modem for new Kirin chip

Huawei: HiSilicon develops 5G modem for new Kirin chip

Huawei is not only active as a network supplier in the 5G development, the chip division HiSilicon is currently also developing a 5G modem for a new system-on-a-chip, which will be used in Huawei’s consumer business – probably from 2019th According to Huawei, smartphones will definitely be the first 5G devices.

When first devices with the support of the new mobile radio standard 5G will come onto the market in 2019, it will initially be smartphones. That said Dr. Peter Zhou, Huawei’s Chief Marketing Officer for Wireless Solutions in conversation with ComputerBase. Because 5G is also designed for billions of times the Internet of Things, autonomous cars and the infrastructure, the first deployment in smartphones has not been seen as a matter of course.

Smartphones will be the first 5G devices in 2019

HiSilicon, Huawei’s Kirin system-on-a-chips (SoC), is currently developing a 5G modem for use in a next-generation chip for Huawei consumer smartphones, Zhou said. The project is going well, but Zhou could not go further because of his secrecy. With the Snapdragon X50 and the GoldRidge, Qualcomm and Intel develop 5G modems. Mass production should start in 2018 in both cases.

According to Huawei, devices such as 5G routers for households will follow on smartphones. It is therefore possible to supply households with gigabit connections which have previously been neglected in cable-connected solutions such as DSL and cable. The concept “Wireless Fiber To The X” had previously been explained by Huawei at the Mobile Broadband Forum in Tokyo.

Only after the use of the 5G technology in these two device classes is to be expected according to Huawei with the use for Automobile and infrastructure projects.

Europe probably third at the 5G start

5G is expected to be available to end users first in Asia and the United States, Zhou said. Europe will follow as a third market. The finalization of 3GPP’s standardization of 5G is envisaged for the third quarter of 2018, which means that no compliant devices will be available before 2019. In addition, The large-scale launch shot for the new mobile radio standard 5G is to take place in 2020.



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