The owners of OnePlus 2 will finally be denied Android Nougat

As she had promised she would update the OnePlus 2, the Chinese brand finally backed down.

”  Never Settle  ” (never settle) is the slogan of the OnePlus brand. It’s quite fitting with the news of the brand since the latter does not allow access to Android 7.0 on OnePlus 2. The brand has indeed confirmed to Android Authority website in an interview.

This is the end of a long wait for the owners of the smartphone, who had been promised the update. The manufacturer had announced that each new model would benefit from 24 months of software support. Yet she had made discreet particularly in recent months, which did not bode good.

The desire to merge and Hydrospawn OxygenOS, Chinese and European versions of the operating system could cost more money than expected. A somewhat slight excuse, when many customers believe that this abandonment is due to an ever-shorter marketing cycle smartphones.



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