Snapchat’s sunglasses arrive in France despite a mixed success in the USA

For three days, the shows are available in France and Europe. With this deployment on the Old Continent, Inc. Snap-will happen to catch the weak US sales?

Last Friday, a strange yellow cab with a huge eye and a smile appeared Port de Suffren in Paris. This is not a robot cute design came from space to spread death and destruction, but simply a Snapbot, a distributor Entertainment.

A year to get to Europe

Indeed, almost a year after their arrival in the territory of Uncle Sam, the sunglasses can record 10 seconds of video with the touch of a button is now available in Europe.

You will pay 149.99 euros for them. Count on 3 to 5 days for delivery if you order online. However, if you are more the adventurous type, Snap Inc. has published on its official website a map of Snapbot locations. Each day, a countdown unveils new place conquered by a yellow distributor.

One of the strengths of Specatcles is its capture angle. The cameras film at 115 °, which offers the possibility to produce circular videos. Once on your smartphone, the video follows the movements of your device, and to discover the sequence from multiple angles smoothly.

Unfortunately, Evan Spiegel glasses camera struggling to convince users Snapchat. The site 01Net reported that “the last quarter [Snap Inc.] would have managed to sell only 64 000 pairs” . By comparison, Apple sold as many Apple Watch in 2 days Snap Inc. Shows in 3 months. The question is whether the European Deployment enough to (re) start the craze vis-à-vis consumers of these atypical connected glasses.



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