Caution Roaming: This is how providers deal with EU regulation

Roaming is bypassed – On June 15, 2017 no fees may be charged for communications in other EU countries. Still can not use their fares without restrictions abroad all customers. Mobile operators have found some tricks to bypass the new EU regulation.

Roaming From the June 15, 2017

For many mobile subscribers June 15, 2017 brings a profound change with it. The elimination of roaming charges makes mobile communications abroad not only easier, but also much cheaper. Many German mobile tariffs can also be used abroad without additional costs.

However, the innovation does not only bring benefits for the customers with himself, but for the providers also means cost. So that some providers have already developed strategies no surprise to circumvent the new requirements of the EU regulation. These are not always apparent to customers at first glance.

Roaming: The Tricks of providers

In recent months, some providers and discounters brought tariffs on the market, which renounced explicitly to roaming. The offers were not released for international use and could not be used in other countries. Although some vendors, such as call-mobile, have now adopted by this model again, yet prospects and customers should pay close attention to whether you wish tariff also provides for roaming.

Another way to bypass the “Roam like Home” approach of the EU regulation, is providing special roaming options. Drillisch has, for example, in some tariffs continue preset EU Roaming options that provide quotas for the use abroad. However, these are often limited and provide significantly lower volumes of data available as in Germany are included.

Roaming German Telekom

Compared to the image explains Drillisch spokesman Archibald Preuschat: “Customers with a European option can at any time deactivate their service world and then switch to the regulated EU tariff.” Similar moves mobilcom-debitel, to think Freenet spokesman Ruediger Kubald: “The customer has chosen explicitly because of these special needs for these options. but customers can switch at any time in one, Roam Like At Home ‘tariff. A study initiated by Mobilcom-Debitel discontinuation of special options is not provided. ”

Change in regulated tariff at any time

Although some mobile service providers continue to provide roaming options, they can not refuse the change request of a customer in the regulated tariff. Customers who currently use a roaming option that differs from the EU tariff, can always switch to the regulated tariff. However, this does not happen in many providers automatically, but requires to become active customers. So, it is worthwhile to examine their own tariff closely and to initiate a change.

Particularly thorough examination should this turn out to customers who often reside in Switzerland. During the Alpine country is included in many roaming options, it is not part of the EU tariff. Unless the provider Switzerland should include not voluntarily, access not regulated by the EU conditions, but stipulated by the provider for this world zone fees within the limits.

Roaming with higher fees

In the past, some vendors have reduced the prices of its tariffs which can be communicated abroad, adapted and revised upwards. Vodafone rises, for example, for some time two euros more a month for the house Red tariffs. Not always the price adjustments, however, are obvious at first glance. Telef√≥nica, for example, may be reduced if the company’s own prepaid brands gradually the validity window in tariffs from 30 days to 28 days. De Facto customers must thus make a booking more and the package price 13 times instead of the current 12 times paid to cover 365 days.

Many vendors, such as Aldi Talk and blue, back in the positive adjustments innovations such as the simultaneous increase in the volume of data in the focus, to push the made shortening the validity in the background.

Beware of “fair use” rule

Caution is also in the so-called “fair use” rule, which states that the German tariffs can only be used up to a reasonable limit without additional costs abroad. The problem: What is considered acceptable, providers decide a uniform default does not exist..

Although the EU has agreed that customers who stay with their German SIM card for more than four months a year abroad can be requested with additional fees to pay, however, among other things, it also says that “offering mobile operator roaming services, certain national rates with high data volumes (so-called. open data packets) for use in other European countries limit “can.

In individual cases, this may mean that customers with a high volume violate tariff already against the fair use rule if they consume these unique entirely abroad. However, the provider must give a warning shot and inform affected customers before they are allowed to impose additional fees. Who is staying for a long time abroad or there consumes larger quotas, should pay attention to this SMS and reduce its use. have the additional supplements called in the price lists it might in itself. o2 for example, rises almost 10 euros for each additional gigabyte.




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