IPhone 8 and Co: New images confirm Leaks

Coming iPhone 2017 Caschys BlogiPhone 8 new pictures – On the September keynote expected of Apple’s new iPhone models, iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and the premium model iPhone. 8 Unlike the “retread” successor models of the iPhone 7, the iPhone will stand 8 by special features clearly “normal” of the iPhone. New images confirm previous leaks.

iPhone 8 and Co: New pictures

Really surprising the newly discovered pictures are not, because they show many details that were already seen at previous photo leaks. Should it be the photos are not fake, there will be an iPhone with almost borderless display.

The now emerged pictures show components that show a view of the backs of all three models and also the front with “all-screen”.

Some new details are revealed

Are there real components in the pictures, but also some new details will request confirm. Among other things, can be seen on the back of no fingerprint sensor. is probably this, as suggested earlier, integrated into the display of the iPhone. 8 The dual camera from the iPhone 7s Plus model seems arranged differently than the previous iPhone 7 Plus. Rounded edges display, such as in the Samsung Galaxy S8 are, however, not be seen.

According to rumors, all three new iPhone models can be charged wirelessly and not only the iPhone 8. A few days ago a Foxconn employee had allegedly divulged details to the iPhone. 8 In a Reddit thread of employees is a lot for iPhone 8 (iPhone X), iPhone 7s, and other details price. Supposedly present credible evidence regarding the identity of the sender Tip “Foxconninsider”. The leaker is said to have been present from the iPhone X (iPhone 8) a test device. Accordingly, the fingerprint sensor to be integrated under the front display and the iPhone 8 will enable facial recognition and that too with the front camera. Other features are to be type-C and improved water resistance without USB a quick charge, Lightning port.



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