Under the brand Honor sale Do floor scales smart sensor and air cleanliness

Along with the smartphone 9 Honor and smart bracelet Honor Band 3 Huawei tutorial introduces the world community with two other novelties from its sub-brand. Both products belong to the category of smart electronics for the home, allowing Huawei to start actively compete in the segment indicated with an opponent in the face of Xiaomi market.

During the event,  dedicated to Honor 9, the premiere of the first in the range of Chinese manufacturer of floor scales smart – model Honor Smart Scale. Their functionality is quite standard for this type of device: the smart scales are able not only to measure the body weight, but also displayed on the LCD-display statistics with the testimony of the level of metabolism, to determine the biological age of the user, the percentage of muscle tissue and fat in his body. Sync Honor Smart Scale possible with any mobile device through the companion application.

Presentation Honor Smart Scale accompanied by sufficient technical description meager weights smart, so do not expect them to any additional options in addition to those already listed. Admission to the sale of the balance of the Huawei-Honor is expected on 18 June. The cost of electronics in the local market is $ 29.

The second smart novelty of Honor has appeared compact Smart Environment Monitor sensor allows monitoring of air quality – clean air capture performance and a number of other parameters. In Honor Smart Environment Monitor real time can detect more than 300 types of volatile organic compounds and to identify ultrafine particles PM 2.5, displaying the temperature and humidity level of the room. Thus, according to the developer, accuracy of the portable transmitter is 0.0001 mg/m 3 .

Honor Smart Environment Monitor is designed to interact with the smart air cleaners and air conditioning systems, providing them with information relevant for selecting an optimum mode of operation. Declared the autonomy of up to five days.

Sensor to monitor ambient air purity is available in several color choices – black, white and blue. The Smart Environment Monitor go on sale from 18 July, priced at $88.



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