Fil Spenser from Microsoft: PS4 Pro – competitor Xbox One S, but not the real 4K-console

Microsoft made the announcement a few days ago a full console Xbox One X, promising to “insistence 4K-game” on the most powerful console in the world. Public discusses whether these promises mean that this system, most of the games will be played in their native 4K-resolution or we encounter a variety of methods such as smart zoom chessboard. Meanwhile, Head of Xbox Fil Spenser (Phil Spencer) told reporters Eurogamer said the name of Xbox One X, the lack of game announcements from Microsoft, as well as the $ 100 higher price compared to the PS4 Pro.

I consider the PS 4 Pro competitor rather for the Xbox the One the S , rather than the Xbox the One the X , – he said. – We have a real 4 K -Consoles. If you only look at the specifications, you will realize that this is the case with the Xbox the One the X goes to another league compared to everything that is on the market. ” He pointed to a 40% more powerful GPU, 1,5-fold superiority of memory capacity, higher speed drive, but also kicked a competitor for a method that achieved 4K-resolution, adding that they would be more honest approach. However, in an interview, he also noted that, according to the Microsoft internal expectations, in 2018 the company will sell mostly Xbox One S, and not more than twice as expensive new platform.

Referring to the naming system, Fil Spenser said it was a difficult choice: Microsoft wanted to keep the Xbox One in the title to emphasize the belonging to a single family, could not use the Xbox One Elite (this brand was already on the market), could not be called a system of Xbox One S for the same reason. In general, for Scorpio brand chosen painfully, and stopped on the Xbox One X because of the connection with the original brand name Xbox.

On the Microsoft press conference at E3 in fact only shown playing a high-end from Microsoft itself was Forza Motorsport 7. On this issue, Mr. Spencer also pointed platformer Ori, Super Lucky’s Tale and multiplayer adventure Sea of ​​Thieves, but admitted that in the past a couple of years the company has concentrated its efforts on the hardware, but also promised to catch up.

Chapter Xbox among other things mentioned that there are some games that are not yet announced, but the company does not want too early to encourage players. Apparently, the folding of the expected project as Fable Legends and Scalebound, forced Microsoft to be more cautious with the promises. Mr Spencer said that the company, for example, could show Halo in 4K, but before the game will take a lot more time, so decided to hold the show.



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