Russian spy robot is resistant to poisons and radiation

Vision of Tomsk State University (TSU) have developed a robot that can carry out a survey on the territory of the subject of chemical and radioactive contamination of the International Laboratory Specialists systems.

The robot is designed to track the platform. It is characterized by high traffic: for example, the machine can go up and down stairs, walk on snow and ice.

Power provides onboard battery pack. It is alleged that audio recharging the robot is able to operate up to ten hours.

The equipment includes special sensors, in particular gas analyzer. The robot is able to carry out rapid analysis of air, to determine the qualitative and quantitative composition of mixtures identify various hazardous substances, including explosives.

The information the robot transmits in real time on the engineering console. At the same time it leads filming of the objects. In this case, it can carry out and in the infrared range, that is, to “see” in the dark. If necessary, the robot puts the labels that are visible on a digital map.

The machine is able to function as under the control of the operator, as well as their own. On the basis of the proposed platform can be created by robots of various configurations.

Add that to this development already attended to gas companies, the Emergencies Ministry and a number of other potential customers. The invention protected by two scientists TSU patents, three more patents are pending.



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