TSMC intercepted Samsung’s 7nm Qualcomm orders

If you believe the South Korean sources, on Sunday the leadership of US chip maker Qualcomm’s turned to TSMC company with a request to provide power for the production of 7-nm products. On Monday, with the beginning of the exchange securities market reacted to the news stock price declines Samsung Electronics 1.74%. This is all the more sad for Samsung, since it began to create for the contract manufacturing of semiconductors conditionally independent subsidiary.


It is alleged that TSMC will make every effort to rectify the situation last year. Then she lost Qualcomm orders for the release of the first wave of 10-nm mobile processors, which started operating in October, Samsung Electronics. To release 10-nm SoC company TSMC has started only in the second quarter and in very limited quantities. At some point in TSMC decided to intensify the development and introduction of 7-nm technology standards, allowing Qualcomm to return orders at TSMC power (if the rumors are true).

More precise, according to official plans TSMC mass production of 7-nm solutions company plans to launch in the first quarter of 2018. Qualcomm company, according to sources, intends to introduce 7-nanometer SoC before the end of this year. For Samsung’s loss of such a customer, such as Qualcomm’s, it means a significant reduction in revenue for the production of contract chip unit. For example, this unit of work with Qualcomm receives up to 40% of revenues. Previously, in a similar way Samsung Apple lost orders, which also moved to TSMC.

It may be that the company Samsung it may be a temporary loss of tempo. South Korean chipmaker officially announced that the first will begin the commercial use of EUV-lithography in 2018. TSMC company intends to make it a year later. Such initiatives could well delay the resources Samsung Electronics, not allowing to get ahead now, but creating a springboard for a leap forward in the new direction for all.



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