China’s mobile phone recycling market scale reaches billions, the industry standards need to be established

In recent years, the smart phone industry has achieved a nationwide popularity, the development and update of it has fast speed. At the same time, a large number of mobile phones are disposed and abandoned.

For phones disposal, they brought a lot of e-wastes on the one hand, which seriously hampered the development of China’s environmental protection career; on the other hand, it resulted in a lot of waste of resources, because the proportion of metal from the waste mobile phones is much higher than the proportion of ore refining, just for the waste mobile phone batteries, each ton can extract 100 grams of gold, containing abundant recycling value.

According to the prospective industry research institute analysis, China’s has 1 billion obsolete mobile phone stock, if the recovery rate is 2 percent, assuming that each obsolete phone values 200 yuan, China’s mobile phone recycling market will reach 200 billion yuan. Correspondingly, China’s mobile phone recycling system is still not yet completed, and with no reliable recycling channels. the current mobile phone recovery rate is less than 2%, the industry standards need to be established.

From the international point of view, at present, the general common international way is to handle by phone manufacturers or operators to carry out recycling work. In Japan, for example, personal information of abandoned mobile phones is eliminated by phones manufacturers, then low-temperature incineration is given to extract available resources, in order to improve the recovery rate, the Japanese government rewards funds to those who take the initiative to cooperate with the recycling work ; as the first country to carry out mobile phone recycling system , it’s the duty of phone makers to recycle abandoned phones.

For the china status, the 2014 version of “abandoned electricity and electronic products processing directory”, mobile phone is a key project in it . this directory was carried out since March 1, 2016 which indicated that China’s mobile phone recycling channels began to be built . Plus, the current major mobile phone brand owners, E-platform runners continued to begin “replace the old by (with) new ones” project , the consumers had frequently recycled phones. But mobile phones had great differences from other electronic products, there was a lot of personal information ,low valuation of recycling and high risk of leaking personal information, this business was still restricting the consumers to join recycling abandoned phones.

In the long run, with the continuous progress of industry technology, personal information disclosure will be resolved, and because of the industry standards continue to be improved, the industry will continue to be standardized and more consumers will join this line. By then, supply and demand market will form an effective connection, mobile phone recycling market will be booming. For market participants, who is the first to enter the market and to solve the key technical problems, who will be the first to benefit in the 100 billion market.



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