Apple A10X significantly faster than A10, A9X and Snapdragon 835

The performance of simple notebook and desktop processors is now also offered by SoCs for smartphones and tablets.

Antutu has released an initial score of the A10X-Fusion-SoC, which has been achieved with an iPad Pro – and a neat performance boost: Compared to its predecessor, the A9X, the speed of CPU cores has increased by 30 percent, the performance Of the GPU has been improved by 40 percent. As a comparison, we have also listed the values ​​we have determined with an iPhone 7 Plus (Apple A10) and a Xiaomi Mi6.

With the performance, the SoC is moving more and more into the field of a classic notebook chip – finally, the entry-level models from Intel, the Celeron as well as the Pentium have already surpassed the line from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835. In addition, the Snapdragon-SoC is to be installed at the end of the year in the first Windows-10 notebooks . Maybe it will not take so long for Apple to offer a Macbook with iOS …



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