How to Correctly Charge the SmartPhones

Mobile phone is already used as modern communications, entertainment tools, and mobile phone charging is what we do every day, sometimes it is even needed to charge a few times in a day. Then, how could we charge the smart phone safety?

One: Charger must be the original one, can not be mixed use.

When go out for travel, many people will choose the charger casually, which might exist big security risk.

Two: Pay attention to phone temperature when charging, avoid prolonged charging.

Long time charging will lead to high temperature, it will easily make the battery and charger aging, and it is likely to cause a fire or explosion.

Three: When charging, the phone should not be placed too close to body

For convenience, many people charge the phone on the bed, especially when sleep at night, this habit is likely lead to danger by mobile phone leakage or overheating explosion. Please do not do this for life safety.

Four: Do not call or play games when charging

If conditions permit, it is best to power off the smart phone when charging, which is the best maintenance of the battery. It would be a great security risk to play mobile phone while charging, and will also make the body to accept greater radiation.

Fifth: Do not plug the charger too long on the socket

Many office workers are habitually put the charger long plug in the socket, is indeed more convenient, but there are some hidden dangers which not only easy to aging, but also easily lead to fire.

Sixth: Do not use mobile phones or chargers in case of wet hands!

It is well known that water is energized, and if you use a cell phone or a charger in a bath or hand wet state, it is most likely to cause an accident such as leakage or electric shock.

Seventh: Do not wear a mobile phone cover when charging

In order to protect the phone, many people choose to use a silicone case for cell phone. But as we all know, lithium battery will be heat during the charging process, so it is best to remove the case and then recharge.

Eighth: Secure use of mobile power

We will often encounter some bad habits of using mobile power.

Bad habit 1: Mix mobile power with keys together.

It is well know that metal materials are the best conductor, when the metal objects and mobile power are mixed together, the metal object is easy to insert the mobile power USB interface by accident, and lead to mobile power short circuit.

Bad habit 2: Left the mobile power in the car.

It is a very dangerous thing to left the mobile power in the car in summer. This is because car temperature is high in the summer in a closed space, the rapid warming of the mobile power is likely to explode and spontaneous combustion .

Bad habit 3: Don’t put the mobile power into a very crowded package.

Many people are would like to carry the power bank in a small bag with other things. To be honest, this is dangerous. It is easy understood that external squeezing is likely to cause dislocation of the internal structure of the mobile power source, and therefore it is also possible that the internal power supply is short-circuited.

Bad habit 4: Do not leave alone the mobile power

We all know that, dispose the refrigerator for a long time will easily lead to damage, which is the same reason in the mobile power. In the absence of mobile power, the best time to charge and discharge the mobile power is once in a month, and the best to keep is no less than 50% electricity.



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