Huawei claims that bypassed Apple’s smartphone shipments

According to the calculations of the analytical to IDC, in the fourth quarter of 2016 leading supplier of smartphones was Apple, second place is Samsung, and the third line rating went to Huawei. But often it happens that the independent experts, the statistics do not coincide with the views of the situation on the market participants themselves. Huawei has, for example, believes that by the end December 2016, she won the second position in the supply of smartphones after the Samsung, but Apple is only in third place, after it accordingly.

According to the head of the Indian unit Huawei Allen Wang (Allen Wang), in December last year, the company controlled 13.2% of the global smartphone market, while Apple’s share was 12%. In addition, according to Mr. Wang, in 2016, Huawei has shipped 139 million smartphones and on some individual markets in quantitative terms surpassed even Samsung. True, he did not elaborate on what exactly the regions in question.

Note that the same figure – 139 million units of smartphones – in March, called the head of Huawei Consumer Business Richard Yu (Richard Yu). But then he expressed his dissatisfaction over the fact that the company did not fulfill the plan of the mobile unit arrived and threatened employees with dismissal is ineffective.



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